Imran Rahman
Imran RahmanFounder and CEO

An immigrant born in Islamabad, Pakistan, Imran Rahman arrived at Los Angeles at 14 with ambitions to live the American Dream. Having advanced from 2nd Grade to 4th Grade, Imran graduated High School at 16. He received The Principal’s Leadership Award and was elected the Student Body Vice President at the very same school where he arrived as an English as a Second Language student two years earlier. While in High School, Imran’s work career started as a drive through cashier for McDonalds. His interest for computers quickly led him to secure an internship at a local Computer Store.

This internship started a chain of events enabling Imran to pursue a career in Computer Science, Information Technology and Cisco Networking over the next 5 years, where he received his A+, Network+, Cisco Certified Network Administrator, and Cisco Certified Network Professional certifications. During his time working for a Virtual Internet Service Provider, Imran setup and managed multiple Wide Area Networks where he connected a number of retail store outlet locations to their main corporate offices via Virtual Private Networks, with some networks having as many as 87 store locations for a single organization located across different states in the US.

He then took over his family’s gas station and convenience store business where he introduced Western Union, check cashing, bill pay and money orders, strategically setting his store apart from the local competition by focusing on niche offerings suited for his customer demographic. Realizing his new found passion for marketing and business development, Imran secured his second internship at a company focused on educating and serving small business owners in obtaining business credit and funding to launch, grow, or scale their businesses. Shortly thereafter, as the Director of Operations, Imran assisted in tripling revenues.

Imran then joined a top national speaker sales and training company, where he crafted high conversion sales presentations for both webinars and live stages. Clients regularly enjoyed massive and immediate returns as these sales presentations generated multiple 6 and 7 figures revenues across multiple industries including the franchise sector. He was also instrumental in helping coordinate quarterly 3-Day events hosting hundreds of authors, speakers, and online marketers, sharing with them the latest online marketing strategies to grow their businesses. While there, Imran spearheaded the creation of a new product and a coaching program, creating substantial revenue sources for the company assisting them in generating multiple millions in sales.

Next Imran connected with a leading online marketing education company, where he helped create, implement, and manage online business systems that provided training and courses on Social Media to over a 122,000 students ranging from small business employees to Fortune 500 corporate Social Media Managers. Imran is the author of Be More, Do More, Have More: 365 Empowerment Tips for a Powerful & Purposeful Life. He is also a Certified ScrumMaster, a highly-regarded framework for Agile methodology in Software Development Project Management. After 17 years, Imran in now living the American Dream in Denver, Colorado where he is the CEO of Rahman Media, a full service boutique online marketing agency focused on the ideation, implementation, and management of online lead generation and automated marketing systems.

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Our Valuable Team Members

Maria Matarelli
Maria MatarelliDirector of Operations
Maria Matarelli, President of Formula Ink, is passionate about helping companies be more efficient and get results. As an international business consultant, professional speaker and trainer with more than 10 years experience consulting Fortune 100 and start-up companies, Maria travels to consult businesses and speak at conferences from Vancouver to Morocco, Sweden, New York, Hawaii, Istanbul and many other locations.

Maria left Chicago during the last bitter cold winter and opened up shop doing business consulting on the beach at Clearwater Beach, Florida, On a mission to end corporate slavery, Maria is dedicated to inspiring people, showing them a better way to work, helping people realize their dreams, and helping organizations get better results.

Nice Sementa
Nice SementaDirector of Business Development
Director of Business DevelopmentAs a serial entrepreneur, Sementa has co-founded a series of companies including one of Inc Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing businesses (a credit card processing start-up in 2007), nationally distributed college magazineBoosh, and a community based artist incubator RGB Lounge. Recently he was the Director of sales and marketing for his company Zosimos, and also the head of sales and marketing for creative solutions agency Minion Werks. Sementa is currently working for The Financial Genie as the Director of Corporate Development and Vice President of Sales.
Shawn Darabi
Shawn DarabiDirector of Content
Born and raised in Southern California, Shawn attended a myriad of different schools. He attended and graduated Military Academies Camden and Valley Forge. He Finished his education at Cal State. Through each of his academic experiences Shawn maintained one constant, a passion for writing. At Valley Forge he was a member of the writers group called “Writers Block.” He was also a weekly contributor to the sports section of the Daily SunDial newspaper at Cal State Northridge. Shawn has edited 2 published biographies and is creating his own fiction series. He has managed to obtain a Bachelors Degree of Science in Liberal Arts, and has started up a Successful Online Business. One of his goals is in the near future is to pay himself through law school and chase his real passion of becoming a lawyer.
Kiran Solanki
Kiran SolankiLead Developer
Internet marketer’s secret weapon. Kiran has been working in IT industry since 2005 and he’s as good as they come when it comes to web development, web design, and all tactical and tangible aspects of implementing online marketing. He’s the technical genius behind all of the “stuff” we do online. He’s well versed in Infusionsoft, 1SC, Aweber, iContact, wordpress. Kiran is involved in list of online sales funnel setup, and membership systems such as iMember360, Wishlist.
Faizan Ishtiaq
Faizan IshtiaqLead Designer
A Professional Graphic & Web Artist with over 9 years of experience in Webmedia and Printmedia Designing. Follows a set of well defined steps to bring you unique ideas, top notch designs which reflect creativity. Give 100% quality work to satisfy clients through unlimited revisions. Skilled in Adobe illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office and Social Media Marketing.
Mark Chan
Mark ChanExecutive Assistant
A well-rounded individual that have a wide array of interests. He sees to it that all project will be completed in a specific time frame. One of his goal in the future is to expand and have his own virtual outsourcing company.